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The Homage, published on the third Wednesday of each month as a section of The Daily Herald, has been serving the community for over 43 years. It is a unique and valuable community resource that inspires, entertains, educates, and supports older adults. Feature stories and articles address a wide range of topics including, national issues (Medicare/Social Security), health and nutrition, travel features, program/service updates, senior profiles, volunteer opportunities, plus more.

Who reads the Homage newspaper? Seniors and their family members, caregivers, Senior Services’ donors, service and healthcare providers, and any person who is interested in issues important to older adults and/or who knows a senior that may be in need of services.

The Homage can be mailed directly to your home. It can also be picked up at drop off locations in Snohomish County including libraries, senior centers, retirement/assisted living facilities, some health clinics, etc. To receive the Homage through the mail, please email your name and address to the Marketing and Communications Specialist, Niki, at nstrachila@homage.org or call 425.290.1277.

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