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Board of Directors

A Message from Homage’s Board President & CEO

Since 1973, this organization has delivered its mission with quality, commitment, compassion, and consistency. Our board, staff, and volunteers are a remarkable group of people who have maintained a dedication and passion to listen and help every person we encounter. We see the whole person and strive to meet the multiple needs of our clients. We are dedicated to improving lives and community, one person at a time. 
In the next ten years, we will be challenged with meeting the needs of older adults and people with disabilities in this county. It is estimated that the sixty-and-over population will double from 150,000 to 300,000. Effective, efficient service and new ways to partner and do business will become more important. 
We have taken big steps over the last year to position this organization for opportunity and for a strong future. We examined service needs of our current and future clients, funding trends and shifts, and alignment with the organization’s core competencies. 
We have identified three main strategic directionals for Homage. The first is to broaden our revenue stream base and increase advocacy. Second is to focus on county-wide consolidations of transportation services creating, growth opportunities for Homage. Third is to increase emphasis on healthcare partnerships, reflecting a major shift in public healthcare funding nationwide. 
All of us associated with Homage are public voices and thought influencers who are generating and increasing community and public engagement to reduce the marginalization of older adults and people with disabilities. We will continue to mobilize people and resources for the well-being, quality of life, and honoring of our older community members. 

Kevin Clay, MD, President, Board of Directors

Steve McGraw, Chief Executive Officer


Steve McGraw,

Chief Executive Officer of Homage

Kevin Clay, MD, President
Chief of Ambulatory Medicine
Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett

Bob Bolerjack, 1st Vice President
Executive Director, State, Regional & Military Affairs City of Everett

Shelley Finn, MD, 2nd Vice President
Primary Care Dept. Chair
The Everett Clinic

David Tingstad, Secretary
Partner/ Attorney Beresford Booth PLLC

Amy Drewel, Past President
Owner/Principal Mosaic Insurance Alliance

Mark Bryan Regional Vice President, Provider Experience Humana

Lin Ciaramitaro
Nurse Practitioner

Char Pike, RN, Secretary
Care Coordination Consultant

John James
We Speak Medicare

Linda Whitesell
Retired, Geriatric Nurse

Roger Neumaier Director of Finance State and County – Retired

Neil Siecke, MD Director Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute

Brandon Savage, MD Principal, CareEvolution

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