Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Racial Equity

In response to ongoing racial violence and inequality in our community and our nation, the Homage Board of Directors, Senior Management Team, and Staff have been addressing racial equity, diversity, and inclusion in our workplace. 

We’ve heard from our organization and community voices that we’ve fallen short. As leaders in the Snohomish County aging community, we must step up to admit our shortcomings and commit to educating ourselves about our individual and organizational biases that perpetuate systemic racism, inequity, and injustice. 

We are taking the following actions to transform our organization:  

  • We hired an outside firm to conduct an equity assessment, and through this work, Homage added a newly created DEI Manager to organize and lead the efforts.    
  • We are proactively hiring more diverse staff at all levels of the organization and providing advancement and training opportunities for staff of color, resulting in the most diverse leadership team in the agency’s history. 
  • We provide ongoing learning opportunities to all staff on systemic racism and diversity, equity, and inclusion principles. 
  • We have established an Equity Team to help address the goals, create initiatives, facilitate transparency, and ensure accountability among all stakeholders concerning DEI-related work at Homage. 
  • We are practicing the principle of inclusion in our decision-making process by authentically welcoming input from all staff. 
  • Homage is intentionally expanding Black and Latino/Hispanic Elder Outreach programs with full-time Resource Specialists who will connect and support these underserved communities. 

These subjects can be difficult and take time and intention to address fully.  We are committed to ensuring each person who works or is served by Homage is treated respectfully and fairly.  We continue to refine processes to ensure our employees and community partners feel heard and supported when concerns about equity and inclusion are raised. 

Centering diversity, equity, and inclusion is an ongoing journey of unlearning the deeply rooted dogmas that guide how organizations traditionally operate. Creating a scaled and purposeful strategy is essential to becoming an antiracist, equity-centered organization.

Look for our updates and contact our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office at Diversity@homage.org if you have questions or would like to support these efforts. 

Our Equity Team