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Engage Mind & Body FAQs

1.) Is there a registration cost?

This challenge is completely FREE to participate in. We hope to include all people, regardless of their financial situation, in this health and wellness challenge.

2.) Can I sign up as a team?

Yes! All participants in the health and wellness challenge are encouraged to compete against one another to complete the most wellness activities and raise the most funds. If competing as a team is how you would like to engage your mind and body, then you can!

3.) Where does the money that I raise go?

All funds raised through “Engage Mind and Body” will go directly to supporting Homage programs that help seniors and people with disabilities receive healthy meals, home repairs, counseling, health services, and transportation.

4.) What counts as a wellness activity? Anything that promotes your physical or mental health counts as a wellness activity. Some examples of activities include walking, running, drawing, writing, chair yoga, swimming, meditating, quilting, doing puzzles and reading. Click here to see a list of wellness activities you can participate in with other engagers in the community.

5.) Have a question on the platform tip and merchant fees for your Charity Footprint donation? You can choose if you want to give a platform tip or help pay the merchant credit card fees. Click here to see how to learn how to change your options.