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Foster Grandparent Program

What is the Foster Grandparent Program?

The Foster Grandparents Program at Homage Senior Services is a mentoring program designed to pair seniors with children with special and/or exceptional needs for one-on-one support at community locations, such as Schools, Daycares, Child Care Centers, Social Centers, Clubs or hospitals.

Our Foster Grandparents Program is looking for volunteers in both King and Snohomish County!

Individuals who meet income eligibility can receive a non-taxable hourly stipend (the stipend does not affect any benefits you may receive), mileage reimbursement, paid holidays, and ongoing training and recognition. Volunteers (55 and over) must commit to a minimum of 8 hours per week. Students are chosen by the schools and then paired with a Foster Grandparent.
The children are seen by the Foster Grandparents at community locations (i.e. schools, child care centers, et ctr.). Homage provides administrative support, volunteer recognition & on-going training,

Requirements: To become a Foster Grandparent Volunteer you must be at least 55 years old, be available to volunteer at least 8 hours per week and meet the low income eligibility requirement in order to receive the stipend. Our Foster Grandparents go through an application process and an orientation/training process prior to being matched with children.
Curious about what our Foster Grandparents do? 

Here’s a video of our Foster Grandparent volunteers showcasing the great work they do:

For more information on our Foster Grandparent program, contact:

Adelheid Arbogast
Foster Grandparent Program Coordinator

(425) 514-3188

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Senior Corps is now AmeriCorps Seniors. Homage is a proud grantee of AmeriCorps Seniors and together we are excited to bring out the best of America. Homage facilitates both the Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent Programs in King and Snohomish Counties, Washington. Contact us today for more information!