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Heart 4 Heat

We believe everyone deserves a safe and healthy home. Our Minor Home Repair program aims to help provide access to professional health and safety-related home repairs beyond their means due to financial or physical limitations. This program is available to low- and moderate-income homeowners 62+ and disabled homeowners 18+. We provide labor at no charge to the homeowner and materials that are either free or at cost, depending on a person’s income level.

Still, those alone are insufficient to cover the rising demand. Our team has repaired or replaced 58 furnaces and 46 water heaters so far this year. The increased demand for repairs for plumbing leaks, clogs, accessibility ADA toilets, and water heater replacements, coupled with increased labor costs, has required us to put folks on a waiting list.

91% of seniors served by Homage’s Minor Home Repair team say their well-being has improved as a result.


  • 72% of our clients are women.


  • 55% of the clients served live in mobile homes.   


  • 68% of mobile homes we repair are over 40 years old.

Homage Minor Home Repair Program services include: 

  • Plumbing/sewer repair
  • Minor carpentry
  • Limited roof repair
  • Door/window repair
  • Select weatherization
  • Ramp repair
  • Handrails/grab bars
  • Door locks
  • Smoke alarms/carbon monoxide detectors


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