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“Homage Transportation provides rides for my four developmentally disabled clients to go to and from doctor’s appointment and activities. It gives them joy to be able to get out and do activities and ride with people we trust. It improves the quality of their lives and gives them independence. For myself, a 24/7 provider of care, it means I can provide a greater quality of care for my clients because they have the opportunity to be out in the community. Thank you Homage for what you do for our community” – Margaret, Assisted Living Owner

Homage Transportation is committed to the highest standard of personalized, quality transportation and paratransit services. Our clients are always greeted with a smile by our professional, courteous and friendly drivers. Homage provides safe and reliable non-emergency transportation to medical appointments, senior centers, shopping, recreation and more. Clients are picked up at their door and delivered to their destination, or when needed, are transferred to another transportation transit service provider.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Boarding Assistance ensures safety as our clients enter and exit the vehicle
  • Door-to-Door service provides clients with escort to and from the vehicle
  • All buses and paratransit vehicles have standard lifts and ramps which are tested daily to ensure proper function
  • Homage’s vehicles are equipped with securement systems for mobility devices

Home Delivered Meals

“All of your staff have been very courteous and helpful. I enjoy the friendly visits so I am not alone all of the time. Your meals allow me to eat with much less effort than prepping it all myself. Thank you so much!” – Jesse, A Homage Client

Homage Home Delivered Meals is a partner with Meals on Wheels of America’s Health Initiative. Our program works with the nationwide Meals on Wheels network in support of the healthcare system’s achievement of its triple bottom line goals. We can accomplish this because of our trusted and unique ability to cross the threshold into seniors’ homes, giving us the advantage to better assess and deliver on the individualized needs of high-risk and special needs beneficiaries. Through our services, we improve and support patients’ overall health and recovery; reduce isolation, depression and anxiety and increase the well-being of our clients.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Choose from over 25 nutritious meals. Our meals are frozen to ensure freshness, convenience and taste
  • All meals are packed in a local WSDA approved kitchen
  • Registered dietitians plan menus and analyze to ensure each meal has 1/3 of daily requirements
  • Delivered by trusted employees and volunteers trained to observe the overall welfare of clients
  • Staff and volunteers build relationships with clients through weekly visits which reduces social isolation

Home Modification

“I wanted to take a moment to let you all know how much your services and assistance means to me! Fixing my shower and fixing my front porch ramp means the world to me. As a low-income, disabled senior I was able to come home earlier from the hospital, I would be completely stranded! God bless you.” – Peggy, A Homage Client

Homage Home Modification provides accessible home modification services allowing our clients the opportunity to age in place and return home earlier from hospital stays safely and affordably. Beginning with our comprehensive home safety assessments, we can add simple modifications like grab bars and non-slip surfaces or completely modify the home by converting tubs to showers, and/or adding wheel chair ramps and low rise steps for better mobility and accessibility.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Home modifications promote early hospital discharges
  • Address prevention of falls and injuries
  • Reduction of health problems
  • Reduce medical costs
  • Offer increased feelings of confidence for family caregivers
  • Help clients move more around with ease in their home
  • Allow clients to remain in the home and age safely in their community

Care Coordination

Our Homage Care Coordinators meet with patients and their families in their own home, assisting with their health plan and coordinating with other agencies to achieve their health and wellness goals. Homage Care Coordinators provide follow up in-home visits to help patients cope with health changes effectively, in seamless collaboration with healthcare providers and payers.

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