One couple, twice the impact

For Ralph and Doreen Boy, philanthropy is a way of life and they truly enjoy a hands on approach with their involvement.

Ralph said after he and Doreen finished making 100+ masks for frontline workers, they asked themselves, “now what can we do?” It was an article in the newspaper that sparked an idea.

Amazon saved a local catering company from closing by paying them to make 2,700 meals a day for people in public housing. Ralph thought, “I can do something like that…not on the same scale, but maybe I can help one of my favorite restaurants AND the community!”

A few phone calls later, and Ralph and Doreen partnered with Buck’s American Grill to provide 50 box lunches each week for Homage’s frontline Meals on Wheels and Transportation drivers.

“Ralph and Doreen brighten our day! They stop by just after 8am with their Subaru filled with boxed lunches for us and then we’re on the road delivering meals to our most vulnerable seniors. We love what we do and we care so much for our clients, but it’s also heartwarming to know folks care about us as well.” – Lance, Meals on Wheels Driver

“Doreen and I feel so fortunate and we believe it’s important to do something that has a meaningful impact. If we can support our frontline folks and help a local business during this frightening time, then it’s a win/win. We call it a 2fer.”

Ralph and Doreen Boy deliver meals to Homage frontline staff