Will you help a senior?

Lack of reliable, affordable transportation can be isolating and dangerous. In our Spring Newsletter, you learned about about Mike, a wheelchair-bound man with cerebral palsy living in a rural area. Your kindness has ensured that Homage’s Transportation Assistance Program is there for Mike so he can continue his passionate work at the food bank helping neighbors in his community. You learned about Chuck, a three-tour war veteran, who lives in an area without a sidewalk leading to the bus stop. A simple trip to the grocery store can quickly turn into a harrowing experience for Chuck.

Your gift of just $32 can give older adults and people with disabilities like Mike and Chuck safe, reliable, door to door transportation for an entire month.

Will you help today?

Homage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to serving seniors and people with disabilities. Our EIN number is 91-0910680.

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