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Kinship Caregiver Program

There are many Grandparents, Step Grandparents, and extended family members who are raising a relative’s child in Snohomish County.

Are you one of them?

The Kinship Caregiver Program links Kin-Families to resources unique to their individual needs.

Kinship Connections:

You are not alone! Meet with other kin-caregivers in a safe space to ask questions, be heard, and share in the kinship journey.

Kinship Caregiver Support Program:

Often Kinship Caregivers face unexpected financial challenges they have difficulty meeting. Caregivers who qualify may receive limited assistance for common needs that arise when caring for kin-children. Pre-screening is required and the application process is not suitable to respond to financial emergencies.

Information and Resources:

Getting the right supports in place can be tricky. Equip yourself with information about resources specific to your needs, and information related to state benefits, legal options, resources for special needs, self-advocacy and learn how to navigate systems.

Contact Information

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