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TAP Federal Funding Runs Out

New Bus Route in High Demand Rides Increased by 128%

Join Hands with TAP: Transforming Isolation into Independence, One Ride at a Time

Your donation will help…

Note: $36,000 is the amount of funds needed to fulfill the needs until August 2024.

In June 2023, Homage secured $250,000 federal funding for a new rural route for the Transportation Assistance Program (TAP), bridging transportation gaps for older adults and people with disabilities. TAP has been a lifeline, offering essential rides for just $1.75, enabling independence and access to crucial services.

But with demand soaring and funds dwindling, urgent action is needed. Because of the 128% increase in ridership, funding will run out in May 2024. We will need $144,000 over 12 months to sustain operations and preserve independence.

“Without TAP rides to my job, I would be isolated with no means to build my career, make money, form relationships with co-workers, or be a contributing member of my community. I don’t think most people understand how critical access to transportation is for people with disabilities or people living in rural areas. I have good transportation because good people and TAP make this possible for me.”

-Mike, TAP Client

TAP is an essential service that helps preserve people’s ability to live independently in their homes. You can help folks like Mike one ride at a time and keep the bus route running through the summer! Your donation, regardless of size, will make a difference.

You can help us reach our $36,000 goal to sustain operations through August.

Please Consider Donating Today

By raising $36,000 ($12,000 per month x3) now, we can ensure we can continue transporting older homebound adults and people with disabilities to critical medical appointments through the summer. We continue to seek additional funding sources and/or sponsors to achieve the $12,000 a month needed to fund the program long-term.