Pay Your Pal

What is the Pay Your Pal Program?

Transportation is the key to your job, education and medical care.  We understand youth and adults with disabilities may have a difficult time accessing transportation. Especially if you do not live near public transportation.  The Pay Your Pal Program helps reimburse your neighbors, friends or others who can give you a ride for the cost of your travel.

Who is Eligible?

if you live in rural Snohomish County and have a disability, yet need to get to work, school or medical appointments and do not live near a bus stop, we may be able to help reimburse your friends, neighbors and family members who help provide transportation for you.  *Not in the DART service area

How does the Program Work?

Once you are determined eligible, you will establish a Transportation plan, we help you secure your recommended licensed driver and then you will receive an allocation of miles.

You decide when and where you want to go, you find your driver and organize and schedule your rides.  Rides will not be restricted to certain hours or days but you are responsible for ensuring the driver and vehicle have appropriate insurance.

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Because of the limited amount of funding, the allocation of funds will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Rider’s needs, use, and eligibility will be reassessed on an annual basis.