You Helped Don Care For His Sweetheart

Don was 79 when his wife Sharon was diagnosed with dementia. After five years of doing the best he could, he finally admitted he could no longer look after her health and safety alone.

But then you changed everything for Don. You showed him he wasn’t alone and that caring help was just a phone call away.

Don and Sharon had been high school sweethearts when they married. They started their family and Don’s career took off. Sharon dedicated every moment to her family and community. She sewed costumes for their children’s ballet troupe, cooked and baked for church events, and was a trusted friend to her neighbors. She was also the love of Don’s life.

Sharon had always been there for Don. She took care of their home, meals, bills – until dementia made that impossible. Don knew it was time for him to care for Sharon.

The first few years were challenging, but Don found a routine and could manage the day-to-day care and household chores. But, as her disease progressed, Don found he could no longer leave Sharon alone. Now 84 years old, Don was exhausted and did not know where to turn.

Because of your compassion, a Homage Family Caregiver Specialist was there when Don made that difficult call for help.

Don humbly asked if he could have a little assistance with the house chores. The Family Caregiver Specialist quickly arranged for a house cleaning service and connected him with respite care so he could have a little time to himself. Don was also signed up for Meals on Wheels, so he wouldn’t need to worry about cooking.

Your generosity has made a meaningful difference for both Don and Sharon. Thanks to you, Don has the support he needs to care for the woman who always cared for him. And, because of you, Sharon is safe, secure, and loved.

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