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Plan to attend the Homage Virtual Town Hall September 22nd, addressing issues regarding older adults

 This event will be held as a Zoom Webinar, on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 from 4pm-7pm. The event will take place on Zoom and will also be streamed on various social media channels. Registration opens September 1st Click here to register on Zoom. After registering, a link to attend the forum will be sent to your inbox. This will allow you to join the forum on the assigned date and time.

Questions for candidates may be sent to advocacy@homage.org. Please include your name, city and district.

Meet the Moderators

Dr. Janice Greene recently retired from The Boeing Company where she led economic development and business intelligence strategy for Boeing Commercial Airplanes Supplier Management. In her current role as President and CEO of Women Business Enterprise National Council, Dr. Greene continues to be a key individual in the future of equitable business development domestically and internationally. Active in the community, Dr. Greene currently serves as President of the Snohomish County NAACP and serves on the Board of Snohomish Ebony Political Action Committee. Janice is also a member of Zonta International, The League of Women Voters and serves on Snohomish County Future Workforce Alliance Board.

Ron Vivion is a Snohomish County resident and has been active in volunteer activities since retirement (last worked as a consultant in HR systems). He currently volunteers for: · Snohomish County Veterans Assistance Fund Executive Board, at-large member · Snohomish County Chemical Dependency/Mental Health Tax Program Advisory Board, currently serving as Chairperson · Washington State Council on Aging (Snohomish County AAA delegate) · Delegate to the Dementia Action Collaborative. Ron is a veteran, having served for 11 years in the Air Force as a pilot. He has a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from Gonzaga University. He is married to his wife Sandi for nearly 55 years and has two adult children and five grandchildren who reside in the Puget Sound area.

Races and Candidates attending

This list will be updated daily as candidates respond.

Lt. Governor Marko Liias (D)
Denny Heck (D)
Secretary of StateGael Tarleton
Insurance CommissionerChirayu Avinash Patel (R)
Attorney GeneralBob Ferguson (D)
Legislative Dist. 10 – State SenatorRon Muzzall (R)
Helen Price Johnson (D)
Legislative Dist. 10 State Rep Position 2Dave Paul (D) Video available
Legislative Dist. 21 State Rep Pos 1Brian Thompson (R) Video available
Legislative Dist.21 State Rep Pos 2Lillian Ortiz-Self (D)
Legislative Dist 32 State Rep Pos 1Cindy Ryu (D)
Shirley Sutton (D) Video available
Legislative Dist. 32 State Rep Pos 2Lauren Davis
Legislative District 38 State Rep Pos 1Emily Wicks (D)
Legislative Dist 38 State Rep Pos 2David Wiley (L)
Mike Sells (D) Video available (Representative Sells will not be present due to scheduling conflict. Please view his video by clicking on his name.)
Legislative Dist 39 State SenatorKathryn Lewandowsky (P)
Keith Wagoner (R)
Legislative Dist 39 State Rep Pos 1Claus Joens (D)
Legislative Dist 44 State Rep Pos 1Representative John Lovick
Legislative Dist 44 State Rep Pos 2April Berg (D)
Mark James
Congressional Dist 1 US RepSuzan DelBene (D) Video available (Congresswoman DelBene will not be present due to scheduling conflict in DC. Please view his video by clicking on her name.)
Congressional Dist 2Tim Hazelo (R)
Rick Larsen (D) Video available
Superior Court JudgeRobert Grant Video available
Cassandra Lopez Shaw

Advocacy at Homage

Advocacy plays a critical role in long-term care. Homage is proud to be at the forefront of these efforts, working hard to give a voice to those who need it. We maintain ongoing dialogue with elected officials about the needs of Snohomish County and Washington State’s long-term care system, specifically as it relates to older adults and individuals with disabilities. Part of our advocacy role includes accounting for bills of interest to the aging and disability network as they progress through the legislative process. 

You Can Use Your Voice, Too
If you share our passion for helping people through advocacy, you can get involved, too, no matter your age, profession or skill level. Here are some ways you can be an advocate:

Join our Grassroots Advocacy Network

Click here to download our PowerPoint presentation. Watch and learn more about how to become an advocate.

Advocacy 101

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is any activity that attempts to influence public policy. At Homage Senior Services, we focus our efforts on issues that affect older adults and people with disabilities. It takes all of us to participate in advocacy so our collective voices will be heard.

Why is Advocacy Important?

Fact: The aging population is the fastest growing population. By 2030, older adults (65+) will double in number and reach 300,000 in Snohomish County. Advocacy efforts are critical to help assure services will be available to those who need it.

Why Should You Become an Advocate?

  • You Care
  • You are an expert
  • You are part of a greater whole
  • Older adult issues are important
  • You have the power to change things

How Can I Be An Advocate?

  • Join our Grassroots Advocacy Network. (Click here to download the job description) Email mfrye@homage.org to sign up or learn more
  • Attend town hall meetings and let your individual voice be heard
  • Make phone calls, send emails and letters, use social media, schedule meetings with elected officials and community leaders
  • VOTE! And encourage others to register and vote as well

How to Schedule a Meeting

  • Call the office and find out the name of the scheduler
  • Email your request to the scheduler. Mention you are a constituent and give a broad outline of what you want to discuss. Keep the time requested to 15 minutes
  • Call the scheduler if you haven’t heard back in 3-4 days

During the Meeting

  • Make your case – tell a story to reinforce your message and try to connect it to part of a larger issue that people care about (aging, healthcare, cost savings, etc.)
  • Personalize the story to connect with the interest of the legislator
  • Offer solutions, not just problems
  • If going with a group, identify 1-2 spokespeople
  • Focus on 2-3 main points with a specific request for action such as supporting or opposing a bill
  • Listen to what the legislator has to say and push back (politely and respectfully) if needed
  • Don’t be discouraged if you meet with staff or an intern instead of the legislator. They will carry your message forward and are often the person who will do the actual research and work on the issue

After The Meeting

Send a note or email thanking them for their time and reiterate your request. Even if they didn’t support it this time, a thank you note can set a positive tone for the next meeting.

Contact Us

Phone:  425.290.1277

Email:  advocacy@homage.org

Register Now!

Candidates Forum Schedule of Speakers:

This is an estimated time the candidates are scheduled to speak.  Due to many circumstances, the times may fluctuate and or change.  This event will be recorded to allow you to view it at any time.

4:15 Attorney General – Attorney General Bob Ferguson (video)

4:22 Lieutenant Governor – Senator Marko Liias

4:36 Secretary of State – Representative Gael Tarleton

4:43 Legislative District 44, Representative, Position 2 – April Berg

4:50 Legislative District 32, Representative, Position 2 – Loren Davis

4:57 Insurance Commissioner – Chirayu Patel

Legislative District 38 Representative, Position 2 – Mike Sells (video)

5:04 Congressional District 1 – Congresswoman Suzan DelBene -Video

5:11 Congressional District 2 – Timothy Hazelo

BREAK (5 minutes)

5:23 Legislative District 10, Senate – Senator Ron Muzzall

5:30 Legislative District 10, Senate – Helen Price Johnson

5:37 Legislative District 38, Senate – Senator June Robinson

5:44 Legislative District 39, Senate – Senator Keith Wagoner

5:51 Legislative District 39, Senate – Kathryn Lewandowsky

5:58 Legislative District 10, Representative, Position 2 – Representative Dave Paul

6:05 Legislative District 21, Representative, Position 1 – Brian Thompson

6:12 Legislative District 21, Representative, Position 2 – Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self

6:19 Legislative District 32, Representative, Position 1 – Representative Cindy Ryu

6:26 Legislative District 32, Representative, Position 1 – Shirley Sutton

BREAK (5 minutes)

6:38 Legislative District 44, Representative, Position 1 – Representative John Lovick

6:45 Legislative District 38, Representative, Position 1 – Representative Emily Wicks

6:52 Legislative District 38, Representative, Position 2 – David Wiley

6:59 Legislative District 39, Representative, Position 1 – Claus Joens

7:06 Snohomish County Superior Court Judge, Position 8 – Robert Grant

7:13 Snohomish County Superior Court Judge, Position 8 – Cassandra Lopez Shaw

7:20 Congressional District 2 – Congressman Rick Larsen

7:27 Lieutenant Governor – Representative Denny Heck

Do you need instructions on using Zoom?

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Register to Vote Here

Reference Links

Find Public Officials: To find your Federal government officials visit: www.govtrack.us/congress/members
To find your State legislators visit: http://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder

National Council on Aging
This is a great site that tells you about bills and how they are passed (it’s kid friendly but it is an easy way to understand the process). It also discusses laws and amendments. https://www.ncoa.org/get-involved/sign-up-for-advocacy/

Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action, Uniting Across Generations for a Secure Future For more than a quarter century, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA) has been active in fighting for older Americans, their children and their families. https://psara.org

American Society on Aging ASA is the go-to source to cultivate leadership, advance knowledge and strengthen the skills of our members and others who work with and on behalf of older adults. www.asaging.org

General Rules for Advocacy Learn how to design and implement a legislative advocacy campaign, keyed to specific legislative targets and goals, to support and strengthen your work.   https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/advocacy/direct-action/legislative-advocacy/main

Reference Links

To find your Federal government officials visit: www.govtrack.us/congress/members

To find your State legislators visit: